Can you trust your senses?

When your landlord is Galileo, you should question everything.

The Palazzo Galileo Mysteries follows University of Padua student Paolo Serravalle as he tries to unravel the mystery of his eccentric landlord, Galileo.

Book One of the Palazzo Galileo Mysteries

A Matter of Glass 

Paolo Serravalle is thrilled to leave behind his boring life in Rome—and his overbearing father—to attend the University of Padua. Though his father insists that he study law, Paolo plans to leave with a fortune in his pocket. But fortunes take time, so Paolo moves into the boarding house of an eccentric professor named Galileo. Hoping to make a bit of coin, he agrees to run errands for his new landlord.  

When Paolo is sent to Venice to pick up a mysterious package, he quickly realizes that Galileo harbors dark secrets. Paolo stumbles upon an assassination attempt and unwittingly takes sides in a conflict between the pope and the Venetians. Is it really worth risking his life just for a discount on rent?

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