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The Renaissance Unveiled Series

The Renaissance Unveiled series brings the past to life by painting a lush picture of the world of Renaissance figures like Machiavelli, Galileo, and the Medici.

We tend to think of the Renaissance as an optimistic time characterized by beautiful works of art, but in reality it was a much darker place. Political revolts, exiles, assassinations, and invasions were a fact of life in Renaissance Italy, and the rise of a monetary economy left many wondering if the bonds between family members had been replaced by a desire for money. Clashes of honor, elaborate weddings, and falls of fortune were part of daily life in the Renaissance Italy. 

See the Renaissance in a whole new light. 

The Lion and the Fox: A Novel of Machiavelli's Florence

The Zorzi Affair: A Novel of Galileo's Italy

The Palazzo Galileo Mysteries